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mohammed al-kalbani
mohammed al-kalbani

You can change lots of colours, sizes, and many other visual MODs You can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16Mb) to send large music files or videos You can increase quality of sent pictures (by default resolution is decreased quite a lot) You can share music just with one click You can add contact profile pictures to their chats (Facebook Messenger style) You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures To make it more easy, it comes with a Built-in Theme Viewer and Downloader: check users themes online and apply them if you like any

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  • I get "App not installed. An existing package ..." error when updating.

    You have to uninstall the old version and then install the updated APK. If you get the SMS verification error, read (2).

  • How do I save or share themes?


    1. Go to PLUS > More (under Themes) > Save pref.
    2. Go into your SDcard, where the themes will be save in SDcard/Whatsapp/PLUS/saved_pref/


    1. Copy/Share/Upload your xml + wallaper into somewhere you can access.
    2. Share your themes here.

  • I want to switch rom but don't want to go through (2) again! HAAALP!!!

    Use TitaniumBackup to backup the whole app and restore APP+DATA on your new rom.



Version 6.72

  • Fiximprovements and bug fixes

Version 6.70

  • NewNew WhatsApp log to check contacts activity (go to Plus, below language option)
  • NewCheck WhatsApp log Menu to show name instead of number (and more options)
  • NewNew Privacy option in main menu to group MODs to hide online status, blue ticks and 2nd tick
  • NewNew MOD to hide typing/recording info in Groups or Contacts chats separately
  • NewNew Hangouts bubbles (MOD 1.2.1)
  • NewAdded 4th configurable button (star) to Floating Menu in Chats screen
  • NewNew MOD 2.0.7 to change 4th button option (more options coming)
  • NewChange Floating Buttons size with MOD 2.0.5
  • NewFloating Buttons can be hidden using MOD 2.0.6x
  • NewNew MOD 3.1.3 to hide search icon in Contacts screen
  • FixTranslations to german, dutch, italian, brazilian, azerbaijani and turkish updated
  • FixMOD 6.10 is no for always but for 10 minutes or so, sorry (maybe for always in future)
  • FixOther improvements and bug fixes

Version 6.65

  • FixBase updated to last play store version: 2.11.476
  • NewAdded Floating Menu to Chats screen
  • NewAdded floating button in main screen to open contacts picker
  • NewNew MOD 2.0.1 Hide Floating Button and MOD 2.0.2 Floating Button Color
  • NewAdded Floating Button Search to Contacts screen (only if 3.3.1 Translucent Mode is off)
  • NewNew MOD 6.9 to disable Heads-Up Notification for Android 5.x Lollipop
  • NewNew MOD 6.10 to stay always online (can drain more battery)
  • NewNew MOD 2.0.0 to change between floating menu and floating button
  • NewNew MOD 2.0.4C to paint label text
  • NewNew MOD 2.0.4H to hide floating menu labels
  • FixOther improvements and bug fixes

Version 6.47

  • FixMOD to hide second tick working again
  • FixFixed error with camera when sending photos
  • FixIf offline writing/recording info not sent to groups
  • FixIf voice note played and offline, blue ticks blocked also
  • FixAnimated emoticons working again
  • FixNew attempt to fix issue when sending pictures
  • NewNew MOD 2.3B to Hide Blue Ticks MOD Menu
  • NewNew MOD 2.3S to Hide Second Tick MOD Menu
  • FixOther improvements and bug fixes

Version 6.41

  • FixFixed hide Your last seen buttom

Version 6.40

  • NewBase updated to last play store version: 2.11.432
  • NewNew MOD to Hide 2 blue ticks (message read)
  • NewNew MOD to Hide 2nd tick (message received)
  • NewNew MOD 2.2.23 Image/Video Icon Color in Chats screen
  • NewNew MOD 2.2.23U Image/Video Unseen Icon Color in Chats screen
  • NewNew MOD 1.2.31 to set images/videos title color
  • NewNOTE: With this new base if you hide your online status you will not be able to see your contacts last seen and MOD 2.2.19 will not work
  • NewNew MOD 1.5 to hide to sender that voice note was played (blue double tick)
  • NewNew MOD 2.2.22 to hide archived chats footer row in Main Screen
  • FixDate of images and videos again gets color
  • FixFull WhatsApp+ Backup now shows proper date & time
  • FixLimit reduced to 51 participants for groups, limit fixed on server side so impossible to have more members in groups
  • FixOther improvements and bug fixes

Version 6.26

  • NewLimit increased to 100 participants instead of 50 for groups
  • NewNew MOD 1.5 To hide info.If copy more than ONE massage
  • NewNew MOD 1.2.6R Read Status Icon Color
  • FixOther improvements and bug fixes

Version 6.20

  • NEWBase updated to last play store version: 2.11.378
  • NEWNew MOD 3.2.10 to go back to Contact List instead of Main Screen
  • FixOther improvements and bug fixes

Version 6.15

  • Fix*Checking for updates improved
  • Fix*MOD 1.2.29 inverted, to mantain bubble sizes by default
  • Fix*MOD 1.2.27 inverted, to mantain emoticons size by default
  • Fix*Other improvements and bug fixes

Version 6.13

  • Fix*Solved bug for Arabic, Hebrew... (RTL languages) in Main and Contacts Screen
  • New *New MOD 3.2.9 to set contacts status lines in Contacts Screen

Version 6.12

  • New *New MOD 1.2.27s to resize emojticons size
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 6.10

  • New *New option to restart WhatsApp+ from Main screen (same as force stop option)
    *When pressing back from Chat now goes to main screen
    *Preview when using search & share image option
    *Contact status in Contact list uses now two lines instead of only one
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 6.06

  • New *Now compatible with Nokia X devices
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 6.02

  • New *New option to search & share images from web to chat
    *Icon counter for Samsung, LG or Sony with stock launcher should work better now
    *New MOD 1.2.30 to change Images Icon Long Clip behaviour in chat
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.95

  • New *Added Quick Image Share option on Chat screen (place your favourite images/emoticons in WhatsApp/Plus/IMAGES folder)
    *Added MOD 1.2.28 Hide Image Icon
    *Added MOD 1.2.11I Image Button Color
    *Max value for MOD 5.1 set to 30Mb as higher sizes are block on WhatsApp servers
    *Updated italian, dutch and brazilian language
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.88

  • Fix Fixed bug with spanish translation

Version 5.87

  • New Added option to backup full WhatsApp+ data folder (Menu>PLUS>Full WhatsApp+ Backup). During installation it will ask to restore data backup (skipping registering process)
  • Fix Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.85

  • New *Overflow menu icon (3 dots) now gets same color as actionbar icons color
    *Added MOD 1.2.0P to set profile pic a wallpaper (if profile pic exists in WhatsApp/Profile Pictures)
    *Added option to adjust image quality when sharing images (as MOD 5.2 and 5.3 do)
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.80

  • New *Temporary fix for main domain issue
    *Official widget last seen text gets MOD 7.1.4 color
    *New MOD 7.2.3 to paint WhatsApp+ widget header subtitle (status/counter) text
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.77

  • New *Problems with unread messages counters fixed
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.75

  • New *Now is possible to share more than 10 images also from mobile Gallery
    *MOD 1.2.22 set voice note play/pause color in chat screen
    *Added Plus and Status icon to official widget
    *New MOD 7.1.13 to hide Plus and Status icon in official widget
    *Fixed bug with animated emoticons
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes